August 5, 2020

Operating as a working parent (without schools) during the most pivotal and uncertain period in modern times has left me feeling more exhausted, helpless and completely drained than I’ve ever felt before.

A global pandemic is traumatic. Coupled with the state of the nation and civil rights demonstrations, we have all been on a never-ending up and down, loop-de-loo rollercoaster ride for too long.

I am sad. I am sickened. I am worried.I have waves of guilt. I have spikes of pure joy. What have you been feeling?

Since 1999, suicide rates in America have gone up by 33%, almost doubling after the recession in 2008. Considering the state of our nation now, health experts worry that anxiety, depression, and suicide rates will continue to increase at an alarming rate due to the economic and societal state of our nation (source) as COVID-19 and civil rights continue to throw unknown challenges towards us.

As a collective, we must acknowledge the storm of misfortune, uncertainty, isolation, and trauma that many students, families, educators and support staff began enduring in March. When we can acknowledge and embrace the collective trauma we can begin to heal and repair.

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July 29 2020

This week, now more than halfway through early voting and one week before Nashville’s August 6 election - my own anxieties of parenting, partnering, working, and running a first-time, grassroots, campaign during COVID head up another roller coaster incline. However, through the whiplash of current events, an unexpected light emerges: the conversation I’ve been having with constituents for four months is coming mainstream.

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July 12 2020

I am proud to receive the endorsement of Run for Something (RFS), the groundbreaking national organization that recruits and supports strong voices in the next generation of progressive leadership. Being recognized as an RFS candidate shows I have great momentum and am running a solid, community-led campaign.

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June 6 2020

I am humbled in my work to serve the complexity of students, educators, families and schools in District 9, one ninth of our approximately 84,000 student school district courageously led by Dr. Adrienne Battle, superintendent.

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May 6 2020

I am running for the District 9 School Board seat to represent you and your children. With supportive, inclusive education, our youth can more fully understand our shared human experience and help shape the world as generous, thoughtful, accepting, and influential citizens.

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