Why All In?

Russelle Ann Bradbury · May 6, 2020

Why I Am Running

I am running for the District 9 seat on the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools school board because I have passion, optimism and faith about the role of education in shaping the future.

As an active public school parent and public school volunteer leader, former public school teacher, and K-12 public school graduate, I am entering this race with a heavy personal investment in the future of public education in Nashville.

The Future of Metro Nashville Public Schools

While the future of Metro Nashville Public Schools remains bright, significant challenges lie ahead. Like all major U.S. cities, Nashville is reeling from the effects of COVID-19 and bracing for its aftermath, which will include severe budget cuts on our district, great flux in private/public school enrollment, and the overwhelming amount of time, resources, and educator energy required to employ in considering strategies to make up for more than one quarter of this academic year’s lost classroom time.

This comes on top of our more entrenched challenges, like the large numbers of underfunded and underperforming schools, the dearth of choices for certain families as a result of an underfunded busing system, and the tendency of those with privilege to influence the location and service zones of our higher-performing schools.

I plan to address these and other urgent needs and challenges of our school district by gathering input and feedback from all constituent perspectives. As an imaginative, resourceful challenger practicing active anti-racism (and boasting over 15 years of education, social work and nonprofit experience), I will not rest until all families are supported through fair policy.

An “All In” Approach

I am fortunate, and blessed, to give myself fully to improving public education. My focus today, during this campaign, and as the District 9 representative is to make sure the voices of all youth, families and educators are heard, and that everyone's voice impacts decisions we make on behalf of students.

I am prepared and excited to harness my educational experiences - professional, volunteer and most vitally, my educational parenting experiences - with the talent, time, resources, and energy of my diverse network. Together we will propose and support policies that provide all children with greater opportunities for educational excellence and together we will recognize our educators for their vital role in society.

To validate my voice as a fresh, collaborative perspective without debts owed to established voices - I’m capping my individual political contributions at $100. To serve as a reflection of the way I plan to represent my constituents, I am running an all-in, transparent, independent, non-partisan, creative and grassroots campaign.

After all, I am running for the District 9 School Board seat to represent you and your children.

With supportive, inclusive education, our youth can more fully understand our shared human experience and shape the world as generous, thoughtful, accepting, and influential citizens.

Best to you and yours - wishes of strength and faith during this uncertain season,

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