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Budget for Educators


Nashville educators are undervalued both in compensation and in recognition in the current hierarchy of community helpers—a crisis further delineated this unprecedented season.


It is essential to heavily invest in human resources—lessons learned from my career managing projects and budgets.

Why Russelle

I will advocate for appropriate salaries and recognition for all MNPS employees. I have faith, trust and belief in live, in-person compassionate educators. I am a parent and a former educator; teaching kids is hard work with little rewardlet's put money on our future and into education.

How I’ll do it

  • Reallocate funds spent on unnecessary budget items like consumables to better compensate our hard-working, compassionate and talented educators.

  • Advocate policy and budget line items both within MNPS, greater Metro Nashville and the State of Tennessee that further benefit educators and all support services for their vital role in the development of our future.

Promote Equity and Collaboration


The diversity of our 84,000 student district is priceless; however, a wide opportunity gap exists. Our multi-layered crisis has impacted each student, family, and educator differently.


Understanding. Education. Compassion. Empathy. Patience. Restorative justice.

Why Russelle

I am heavily invested in Nashville’s public schools as a parent and citizen. I cannot stand on the sidelines and let other children receive an inferior public education while our children thrive.

How I’ll do it

  • Loudly support and advocate for equitable, accessible social and emotional resources to meet students’ hierarchy of needs during pre-entry, transition back to school and in school.

  • Boldly advocate for professional development for educators on understanding the digital divide, anti-racist, humanist philosophies and collaboratively brainstorming on solutions to begin repair and growth.

  • Develop focus groups of District 9 families, educators and students to gather feedback and identify challenges like COVID slide within all communities.

Crisis-Ready Strategies


Our schools were in crisis before we were hit with unprecedented safety and further financial challenges.


A steady focus on surviving and thriving beyond crisis is vital.

Why Russelle

I’m ready to champion our strengths, involve everyone in the conversation, and harness our city’s innovative spirit.

How I’ll do it

  • Support families, students, and educators with the resources, tools, and training essential for successful virtual and in-person, remote and hybrid learning.

  • Prioritize assessments to understand how students are entering the school year academically.

  • Advocate and support policy and trainings to ensure digital and resource equity to serve all our MNPS students effectively, including English language learners and students needing specialized instruction.

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